Top Color Combinations for Your Business


Logo design is significant in any industry. Your logo sets the stage for your brand. Whether you call it the "feel," the "vibe," or another term to describe how you want your business portrayed, logo design plays a role. Because of this, we've created an infographic that will help you understand color theory and how your audience perceives different colors.

What is color theory?

Color theory is the conceptualization of the emotions different colors conjure up in people when we see them. Some colors are theorized to make you hungrier such as red and yellow, whereas others are associated with feeling tired. Blue is scientifically proven to make you feel tired due to ganglion cells in your retina. Every color is associated with specific ideas and emotions, be it theoretical or scientific. These associations make up color theory.

What colors are best for your business?

This is somewhat subjective, in all honesty. Maybe you want your logo to be blue and white because you think they're pretty, and you're betting your customers will agree. However, if you look around, you will see that many industries often gravitate towards specific colors. If you want a good starting point, here are some of the feelings and ideas specific colors bring up.